SHARP ACTIVE MULTIMEDIA....Perfect para sa biritan ngayong PASKO

The best way to be entertained during the Holiday season is to sing out loud, you can even watch movie as well or play your favorite saved music from your USB or watch memories from your saved photos. The SAMM (SHARP ACTIVE MULTIMEDIA). Has a great powerful sound perfect for singing out loud in the Christmas day and New years day, PARA MA LIHIAN ANG BAG-ONG TUIG UG KINNATAHA. Now if the budget is still unstable, The Quality Appliance Plaza has offer for an EASY INSTALLMENT PLAN for you, just contact the blog administrator for assistance MARICHU G. SY at 0905-7557-689 or simply add her in FACEBOOK:!/cdo.appliances .

Sharp Active Multimedia System
• 32-inch LED Display
• WXGA (1366 x 768)
• TV Tuner Function
• USB Multimedia Function (Photo, Music & Video)