The New CONDURA Negosyo 5G Series

The Condura Negosyo 5G (fifth generation) Series, and the Negosyo Style Series, the only refrigerators built for business, brandish several upgrades that afford its Pinoy Negosyante owners the opportunity to make money and save money.
The most spacious in the market, the Condura Negosyo Refrigerators boasts of up to three times more freezer space, two times more chiller space and 14 storage combinations! Powered by a negosyo compressor, they are low on electricity consumption. The Condura Negosyo Refrigerators are up to 100% more energy efficient than a no-frost household refrigerator. And they’re the only refrigerator brand with warranty that is valid for negosyo use, giving priceless peace of mind to business owners.

The freezers are equipped with 4D Surround Freeze Technology which allows faster cooling. It also retains the coldness longer, which comes in handy during brown-outs. Other new features include a really hip bluish-white cabinet interior for a cleaner look, energy-saving LED interior light, and additional ice tray racks and ice buckets. All these can be summed up in 4 M’s – malamig (cool), matibay (durable), malaki(big storage), and matipid (economical). Truly a wise investment!

The Condura Negosyo 5G Series comes in single door, two-door and freezer variants, while the all-new Condura Negosyo Style Series offers single door and two-door options in dragon red, pristine white, satin cream, and silver chic colors. Prices start at P10,995.

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